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A passion for CBD

MonPlanCBD is an idea that germinated a few months ago, a late winter afternoon in the Bistrot des Halles in Bayonne, France. We have all, individually, cultivated an interest in this plant that is hemp. For personal uses, for our loved ones or our wider entourage, whether in oil, balm, infusion, we agree to believe, like many other people, that a promising future is emerging for this plant used ancestrally all over the world.

Authorized products

Our products contain cannabidiol (CBD). It is a molecule contained in the hemp from which are extracted the flowers to infuse that we offer you through our catalog. CBD is one of the 111 cannabinoidsknown to this day by the scientific and medical world and is becoming more and more democratized on the European market and also across the Atlantic.

Our company offers home delivery of flowers and oils from hemp, the genetics of which are authorized by article 2 of the decree of 22 August 1990 applying article R. 5132-86 of the public health code, amended by article 1 of the decree of 23 January 2020.

Our products are not psychotropic drugs. They do not contain enough delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), understand the limit of 0.2% set by the European Commission and article 1 amended by order 2004-02-24 art. 1 JORF March 21, 2004.

* elements of the active composition of Cannabis Sativa L.


Controlled and certified products

Our flowers and hemp oils to infuse or vaporize are controlled and certified. Spectrum analysis procedures for these products, carried out in particular by LEAF (Laboratoire d’Etudes et d’Analyses des Fluides), are in accordance with Annex B of Decree 2004-02-24 art. 3 JORF of March 21, 2004. You can find analyzes with the associated QR Codes at any time as well as articles about the world of hemp.

Strong values

Our desire for transparency and guarantee of quality are essential elements for a relationship of trust with our customers throughout this adventure. Our products, selected with great care by our team, can be delivered to you within 24 hours in the Basque country (see the map). For the rest of France, delivery is by post with tracking of the package. Delivery is free from € 40 of purchases.