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legal CBD

Our hemp flowers from Swiss and Italian farms have grown with assiduous know-how in various conditions to guarantee you optimal results. Outdoor culture, one of the most accessible, requires special attention of course but allows nature to proceed simply. Germination often takes place in greenhouses, a method known as a “greenhouse”. 

Plants growing in these skylights are further protected from parasites and environmental nuisances. As for the indoor, the creation and stability of a climate appropriate to genetics allows floral tops to develop a dazzling potential in the pistils and trichomes, two elements containing the complexity of the fragrances. 

A careful selection made by us is available to you through this catalog of inflorescences in accordance with the order of August 22, 1990 applying Article R. 5132-86 of the Public Health Code.

High quality CBD flowers

They were chosen for their visual, aromatic and taste aspects. The many phenotypes with rich terpene profiles that we offer in our catalog will give you the best experience with cannabidiol (CBD). These flowers do not contain pesticides or heavy metals and the regulatory dose of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), namely <0.2%, is guaranteed by gas chromatographic analyzes, a procedure required by the order cited above. These are not narcotics, not to be confused with its cousin called marijuana, known for its recreational flowers. Our products are not narcotics, although indica and sativa terms may appear, due to the various phenotypes present.

Indica and Sativa CBD

The so-called “indica” plants have the particularity of growing in a dense and bushy way. They can also be recognized by their large leaves, which can be used for trim for example, just like those of sativas. Originally from Asia, the Indica line has often been brought to develop in mountainous regions or in demanding conditions, requiring great capacities for adaptation, which today allow us to obtain these genetics. It is associated with the effects of body relaxation, muscle relaxation and also allows effective and restorative sleep. Sativa varieties, on the other hand, originally grew around the equator and can be found in Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and in several African countries. Associated with thin, long leaves, unlike its sibling, the Sativa line is known to be present in Haze genetics. It has the particularity of acting on the psychic aspect of our body, which can regulate anxiety and anxiety attacks. Cannabidiol (CBD) is also known to lower stress levels as is the case with our Cherry Wine CBD.