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Some useful information

Our hemp pollens come from the same flowers produced by the Swiss and Italian farms with which we work.
The result of these selections is a concentration of aromas that you can vaporize, infuse or even use in cooking while enjoying the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD)
Our products do not contain pesticides or heavy metals and the regulatory dose of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), namely <0.2%, is guaranteed by gas chromatographic analyzes, a procedure required by the decree of August 22, 1990 applying Article R. 5132-86 of the Public Health Code.

Several methods are known to obtain these pollens, including the sieve technique: the dried flowers are then struck with sticks to obtain a layer of shiny trichomes, also called pollen or “kif”.
There is also a technique of combining ice and water to stiffen and separate the trichomes from the plant material which will tend to become encrusted with a sieve, for example.

Then, we apply a compression of this powder to obtain this famous CBD hash.
It is possible to do this manually or with a press.
The more you insist on the heat that you submit to your product, the more it will have a physical effect and a dark appearance. It’s about finding balance and not losing all the active and aromatic elements. Some even practice refining at 30°C for a few days to apply this technique as subtly as possible.