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This variety stands out for its unforgettable appearance and smell. Originating from a lineage of the 1970’s, the Berry CBD is characterized by a peppery flavor with notes of spices and star anise.

CBD: 2,40% THC: 0,06%


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Berry visual aspect

Our Berry CBD is recognizable by its dense and dark flowers, a tint due to the presence of anthocyanins, from the Greek antho “flower” and kuanos “dark blue”. They are pigments naturally present in the leaves, petals or fruits of various plants, including cannabis Sativa L.

With an impeccable manicure, this hemp flower has this thin layer that gives it a slightly sticky texture. The connotation of red fruits is present in the fragrance of this variety.

Flavors and aromas of the Berry CBD

According to people, the Berry CBD can be associated with a smell that is both intense and sweet, with an earthy and grassy fragrance. Notes of berries but also spices complete this complex profile, like a nod to its Afghan genetics.

Its fresh, slightly minty and tangy taste completes the floral and sweet aspect that will satisfy novices and fans of cannabidiol (CBD) hemp flowers.

CBD level and characteristics of the Berry CBD

This variety particularly stands out in our catalog of hemp flowers. Despite its cannabidiol (CBD) rate located under 3%, our Berry has an intense spectrum on all points. It will surprise your sight, your smell but also your palate.

Both during the day and at the end of the evening, this flower is an indica-dominant hybrid that is perfect for swinging your body without the psychotropic effects of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is kept below 0.2%.

Berry CBD terpene profile

Beyond the known benefits of cannabinoids, it is also essential to recall the major role of terpenes in the flowers of Cannabis Sativa L.

Terpenes are non-psychoactive hydrocarbons which are responsible for the aromatic part of the plant. The scientific community also agrees to attribute some properties to them. Our Berry CBD flower is mainly composed of three terpenes:

Myrcene : It is one of the main terpenes of the plant, and on its own it results in a diverse and varied spectrum of particular aromas and smells. Myrcene also contributes to the characteristic sedative effects of Indica. It helps sleep and allows deep muscle relaxation. You can find a more detailed description here

Alpha-Pinene :one of the most studied terpenes to date. Appreciated by aromatherapy enthusiasts and novices alike, there are two varieties of pinene. The alpha-pinene variety is responsible for the distinct smells of pine needles and rosemary, while beta-pinene is the molecule responsible for the unmistakable smells of basil and dill.

Alpha-Pinene is found in many plants, such as mint, lavender, sage and ginger. Studies relayed by the magazine “Inhalation Toxicology” demonstrate a strong medical potential, particularly in respiratory disorders.

Another study, published in the magazine “Molécules”, details how alpha and beta-pinene are effective in inhibiting the infectious bronchitis virus.

Caryophyllene : It differs from monoterpenes, such as limonene, by a much more complex structure and with equally varied properties. With earthy and woody notes closely resembling the flavors of basil and hops, caryophyllene helps ward off insects and pathogens from the cannabis plant.

It is also known to act on the endo-cannabinoid system at the level of the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

This allows this very special terpene to have an influence on the regulation of the immune system. It would also have an important role in the protection of the organism against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, since it would reduce the chronic inflammation of certain regions of the brain.

Instructions for use

We invite you to consult this page to learn more about all our consumption methods.

Further information

The Berry is taking root on both sides of the globe. Its origins go back to Thailand for the Sativa side but also to Afghanistan for the Indica side. She was crossed with a species Ruderalis, a variety from the cannabaceae family that comes from Central Europe.

Traces of Ruderalis can be found in Russia and East Asia. It is known for its rapid growth cycle and its ability to adapt.

Increasingly democratized, cannabis ruderalis is valued for its high CBD content, allowing for quality hybrids. Stabilized and popularized in California, the Berry CBD phenotype was also proven in Holland in the 1970’s.

Known for its genetic stability, it knows how to transmit her phenotypes to its descendants. Several varieties arise from it, such as the famous Cookies or the Vanilluna.

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