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This hybrid of CBD cultivated in a greenhouse shows lemony flavors coupled with floral notes that will make the Cannatonic a flower ofCBD perfect for your taste.

CBD: 3,92% THC: 0,08%


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Cannatonic visual aspect

With a quality manicure, the pistils of our Cannatonic CBD stand out intensely and immerse you into the heart of a forest with its distinctive dark brown hues. In addition, a thin layer of brilliantly shiny trichomes sprinkles these exceptional hemp flowers. Its full spectrum of cannabinoids, with a THC level maintained under 0.2%, will allow you to relax at any time with the presence of cannabidiol (CBD), known for its multiple well-being virtues. This hemp flower will reassure the most suspicious of you, be sure.

Aromas and flavors of the Cannatonic

The smell of our Cannatonic CBD has this particularly sweet profile with some light hints of cream. This hemp flower has an odor reminiscent of nougat. Its intensely woody taste recalls notes of pines and lemon. Its coating aroma with a caramelized aspect can leave a sparkling orange peel imprint afterwards. It stays true to its lineage by keeping the earthy and woody notes of the famous G13 Haze. Its subtle bread taste reminds the one of its grandparent, the legendary OG Kush.

CBD level and characteristics of the Cannatonic

This flower has a modest rate of 3.92% CBD but its calming effects are not the least. The Cannatonic CBD is an Indica-dominant hybrid with calming and relaxing properties. It is recognizable by its density and its terpene profile.

Cannatonic terpene profile

Linalol : It is found in many plants, especially in a majority of main oils, lavender, bergamot etc.It is also present in particular in the trichomes of cannabis Sativa L., structures in which reside all the magic of the plant. with the potential of various cannabinoids, terpenes etc. It is associated with citrus and lavender scents and some sedative and antiseptic properties, allowing the relaxing benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) to be increased tenfold thanks to the symbiosis of these components.

Myrcene : One of the main terpenes in the Cannabis Sativa L plant, myrcene contains intense spice scents. It is also found in our Berry CBD along with alpha-pinene. Myrcene is a terpene that contributes to the sedative effects characteristic of Indica. It helps sleep and allows deep muscle relaxation.

Alpha-pinene : The alpha-pinene variety is responsible for the distinct smells of pine needles and rosemary. It is present in many plants, such as mint, lavender, sage and ginger. It has a strong medical potential, particularly in respiratory disorders.

Instructions for use

If you would like to learn more about using this product, you can head to this page. There you will find all the information you need to consume these flowers.

Further information

the lineage of the Cannatonic takes root in Reina Madre and NYCD. Its origin can also be traced back to an MK Ultra x G13 Haze cross. Winner of several awards between 2013 and 2016, the Cannatonic inherited a level of CBD that has endured over time. It is a variety whose phenotype is Sativa due to its kinship with the Haze family. The result is tall plants with long leaves that require a flowering time of around 65 days.

Our Cannatonic CBD has been cultivated using the greenhouse method, which is a true paradise for Cannabis Sativa L.In addition to enjoying the benefits of the outdoors with sunlight, outdoor hazards are reduced since the plant benefits from the protection of the indoor.

This method makes it possible to artificially recreate the light phases necessary for plants that need different levels of sunlight during growth and flowering. The bouquet of terpenes is thus richer, even if it does not equal that of outdoor cultivation.

Finally, and this is a strong argument, the ecological footprint is reduced compared to the technical complexity of indoor growing.

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