Fruit Juice Indoor – CBD: 2,98%

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This sativa is aCBD flower with lemony and tropical aromas that turns out to be a very nice surprise.

CBD: 2,98% THC: 0,04%


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Fruit Juice CBD visual aspect

You will appreciate the moderate manicure of these flowers which reveals small leaves with a golden reflection. The short orange-yellow pistils cover all the buds reminding of tropical fruits. Under the light, the thick crystalline coat of trichome makes it shine and gives it a remarkable look. Another thing that will grab your attention is the resin that surrounds the entire flower and leaves the fingers slightly sticky.

Aromas and flavours of the Fruit Juice CBD

The name Fruit Juice was extremely well chosen. Besides the fact that the stickiness of the resin that surrounds it is clearly reminiscent of ripe fruits, the fruity and floral scents intermingle with the fresh mint nuances that will stimulate your sense of smell to such an extent that it will be difficult not to bite it. It is no surprise that the pleasure of the aromas of this flower is reflected in the taste. Indeed, these sweet, round and tangy flavours, accompanied by a woody touch, will offer you a fabulous taste.

CBD level and characteristics of the Fruit Juice CBD

The modest level of 3.7% CBD makes this flower the perfect balance between relaxation and stimulation. Don’t be surprised if you feel like getting active and productive after a good infusion of Fruit Juice. The surge of energy and clarity of mind that this flower will give you will allow you to work on a project that is important to you or simply to close a file in advance while remaining zen and relaxed. It will be perfect to accompany your start of the day.

Terpene profile of the Fruit Juice CBD

When choosing a CBD flower, it is important to take into account its cannabinoid concentration but also to consider the different terpenes present in the buds. The effects felt differ greatly depending on the presence or absence of certain terpenes. We have established the terpene profile of the Fruit Juice for you:

Alpha-Humulene : This is the most common terpene in this variety. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it the ideal companion for minor aches and pains. It is also known to be anti-tumor.

Alpha-Pinene :It is one of the most common terpenes in nature. Known for its conifer smell, it is used in room fragrances. Thanks to its atmospheric antiseptic action, it is also used in deodorants. It is also found in certain medicines for the treatment of mild respiratory ailments such as colds and coughs because it has expectorant properties.

Beta-caryophyllene : This terpene is a powerful natural anxiolytic. You can find a detailed description here

Myrcene: Having anti-inflammatory properties, we have written a definition here

The Fruit Juice also has limonenes as well as linalools but in tiny amounts.

This blend of the cannabinoids and terpenes of this plant makes it an ideal choice for being in a good mood and full of vitality.

A few tips

If you don’t know how to consume this plant, click herefor our instructions for use.

A few words about the Fruit Juice CBD

This hybrid is the result of a subtle crossing of Thai Sativa variety and Afghan Indica species. The Fruit Juice inherits its slender demeanor from its Sativa side and can reach between 2 and 3 meters when grown in an outdoor environment with a warm or temperate climate. Beginning of October is synonymous with harvest for this variety since after 7 or 8 weeks of flowering, the weight of the imposing buds will no longer be bearable for the branches.


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