Molecule’s Green – CBD+CBDA: 14,60%


This variety offers a flowery aroma that returns to the root of the Cannabis Sativa L plant.

It can also be reminiscent of the scent that emanates from the meadows. The scent of this bouquet of dried flowers remains relatively discreet. It also offers sweet citrus notes like clementine with a woody and rustic aspect.

CBD + CBDA: 14,60% – THC: 0.10%


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Molecule’s Green (GreenHouse) CBD

This CBD strain selected with MOLECULE is cultivated under greenhouse. Having benefited from light assistance in addition to taking advantage of sunlight, the visual and taste quality of the Critical CBD is quite remarkable. Indeed, it includes the Critical phenotypes, classifying it among the Sativa family.

It offers dense hemp flowers of small size, well manicured with a light green color.

She also has a nice coat of shiny trichomes and orange pistils.

Its concentration of CBD + CBDA is 14.60% which classifies it in the high CBD level varieties.

It possesses a slight Sativa dominance which makes it an ideal flower for the day.

It will still allow you to relax and enjoy all the benefits of CBD.


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