Mango Haze Indoor – CBD: 4,26%

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A variety with large heads and a vegetal and sweet smell. Its taste may recall fruity spice notes.

CBD: 4,26% THC: 0,07%


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Mango Haze CBD visual aspect

Beautiful dense flowers feature light green hues of hemp with great color variations like purple and violet. This midnight blue color is also dotted with shiny trichomes that contain a set of cannabinoids and terpenes with a surprising aromatic bouquet.

One of the peculiarities of the Mango Haze CBD is the presence of a flavonoid called anthocyanin. The anthocyanins (from the Greek antho “flower” and kuanos “dark blue”) , or anthocyans, are natural pigments of leaves, petals and fruits. They react according to the pH, to the temperature and can bring these famous shades called “Purple” according to the climate and the temperature.

Aromas and flavours of the Mango Haze CBD

The smell of our Mango Haze is also distinguished by a flowery bouquet, reminiscent of a freshly pruned vegetal. Its fragrance also contains sweet nuances of fruit reminiscent of mango, in particular thanks to the presence of myrcene, which contains a spectrum of varied aromas. You could even say that one of his ancestors brought back a light wind of spices.

Mango Haze CBD terpene profile

In addition to the alpha and beta forms of pinene, which are found in many varieties like Berry, the Mango Haze CBD also contains ocimene, an organic compound from the monoterpene family. Although cannabinoids are generally referred to as being primarily responsible for the potential well-being of the plant, terpenes actually play an equally important role.

Ocimene has a grassy and woody scent which are familiar notes from genetics like the OG Kush. The study of the functions of these components requires careful and diligent work, but it is now known that antiviral properties, and in some forms antifungal solutions, are attributed to them.

A few words about the Mango Haze

After a meticulous selection, we decided by mutual agreement to offer you one of the most surprising hemp flowers in our catalog. Our Mango Haze CBD indeed presents a variation of surprising characteristics which will make the pleasure of hemp lovers.

The Mango Haze CBD is a variety of Cannabis Sativa L. with a level of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) maintained under the 0.2% required by both the French and the European legislations. These inflorescences can also be vaporized at 170°C with the devices provided for this purpose.

After a remarkable entry into the market in 2013, this strain is one of the tastiest of the CBD strains known to date. Due to its genetic heritage, the Mango Haze CBD is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. It is therefore appreciable to consume it at the start of the day.

Its family tree refer us to two distinct lines, namely a Haze from South America (Mexico x Colombia) and a Skunk Indica from Afghanistan.

Due to the phenotypes of this plant, the flowering quickly gives an imposing aspect. Its slender forms grow with an “open” structure, which means that light can reach the lower branches, increasing the overall yield.

Cannabidiol (CBD), like other cannabinoids, is fat soluble. You can infuse 0.5g to 1g of flower in simmering water at 90°C with a fatty substance (coconut oil) in order to take full advantage of its well-being virtues.

Instructions for use

To preserve your health, MONPLANCBD recommends to anyone who wishes to benefit from cannabidiol to follow the complete guide that you can find here for an optimal use of the well-being virtues of our hemp flowers and pollens.


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