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The Skywalker CBD is one of our high level hemp flowers. Its essence of thyme and pine will allow you to enjoy an interesting taste experience. Its heads are dense and slightly leafy. Fairly inconspicuous pistils counterbalance with a shiny layer of trichomes.

CBD: 2,95% THC: 0,02%


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Visual aspect

Our Skywalker is a hemp flower with a golden color. Bathed in sunlight, it owes this aspect to this layer of luminous trichomes that contain the cannabinoids and terpenes of this CBD variety. The flowers of the Skywalker CBD are also dense and slightly sticky. You can clearly see the green notes that stand out.

Flavours and aromas

The Skywalker CBD has this smell of thyme, pine but also rosemary which is typical of plants growing particularly on the lands of Calabria, in southwestern Italy, at the tip of the “boot”, a region bathed by the sun and the sea winds.
We find in its taste the notes of aromatic herbs. This hemp flower is also spicy, a taste very present on the palate, slightly acidulous in a second time.

CBD level and characteristics

The Skywalker CBD strain is a plant that has been developed using the greenhouse method. This allows the plant to benefit from the sun while being protected from surrounding threats such as parasites.

This hemp flower is one of the varieties with the highest level of cannabidiol (CBD) in our catalog. Excellent for pain, this Indica dominant works quickly on muscles and chronic pain. It also works against insomnia and will allow you to enjoy restful sleep.

Terpene profile

Alpha-pinene: We talk about alpha-pinene or beta-pinene, its isomer. These are molecules present in many plants as well as in turpentine. It is responsible for the herbal smell and taste of our Skywalker CBD

Borneol: Borneol is a staple of traditional Chinese medicine and an ingredient in cosmetics, insect repellents, and essential oils. The aroma that emerges from it is part of the natural defenses of the cannabis plant against predators and pests. Borneol is naturally present in rosemary, sage, camphor, but also in thyme and mugwort.

Limonene: It is also present in other plants such as mint, juniper, rosemary and pine needles. The rapid evaporation of the monoterpenes causes limonene to quickly reach the sensory receptors of curious insects, parasites or animals, which immediately perceive the odor as a threat. Now, you understand why the smartest plants are full of lemon resins.

A few words

Our Skywalker CBD is a hybrid resulting from a cross between the Blueberry and the Mazar, two Indica-dominant genetics, winners of several competitions between 1999 and 2002. This variety provides a nice relaxation with a calming and restful effect. This is the perfect hemp flower for you if you are looking for a restful sleep.


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