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Gelato Indoor – CBD: 4,58%

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Our CBD Gelato is a well-known hemp flower in the industry. Its average cannabidiol level and its singular taste will make it one of your favorites. Its green color is dotted with orange trichomes and pistils and will give you a nice effect. Perfect for the day.

CBD: 4,58% THC: 0,07%


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CBD visual aspect

The Gelato CBD has been carefully manicured to present it to you at its best. Its medium-sized flowers are among the densest in our catalog.
Special attention was given to it during our tasting: a layer of luminous trichomes makes its texture slightly sticky. We can also observe the presence of pistils always so orange that appear even more under the sunlight.

Flavours and aromas

Our CBD Gelato is a hemp flower with a sweet smell and it can remind you of certain red fruits, even cookies. Its heady scent is true to its fame and makes it an exceptional choice. In terms of taste, the Gelato CBD offers its fruity aspect but also an earthy and woody note. A chocolate taste remains on the palate for some people.

CBD level and characteristics

The Gelato CBD is a variety with an average level of cannabidiol (CBD)
This is a Sativa-dominant flower, so the effect will allow you to relax while increasing your focus whether you need to create or work. Its rate of delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol is kept below the 0.2% regulated by the French and European legislations. You will enjoy the benefits of the plant without the heavy psychoactive effects.

Terpene profile

Beyond the known benefits of cannabinoids, it is also essential to recall the major role of terpenes in the flowers of Cannabis Sativa L.
Terpenes are non-psychoactive hydrocarbons which are responsible for the aromatic part of the plant. The scientific community also agrees to attribute some properties to them. Our CBD Gelato flower is mainly composed of two terpenes:

Pinene: It is present in many plants, such as mint, lavender and sage. Pinene is responsible for the familiar smell associated with pines and fir trees, especially with their resin. It is the main component of turpentine, it is also present in many plants such as sage or rosemary. Pinene is used medically as a bronchodilator, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic.
Thus, it prevents the activity of a molecule that destroys an information transfer molecule, resulting in an improved memory. It is also found in its alpha form in our Berry CBD.

Nerolidol: This terpene is responsible for the fresh bark and woody aroma, which can be found for example in ginger, niaouli or lemongrass. It has antifungal, anti-malarial and antileishmanial properties. It also has a sedative effect. Like other terpenes, nerolidol is one of the substances produced by plants in response to insect attacks. This terpene smells like earth and wood, but with fruity and floral notes of citrus, apple and rose. It is a minor component in the terpene profiles of many cannabis strains.

A few words

The genetic lineage of this beautiful hybrid takes root in an ancient Thai variety, recurring in Sativa-dominant plants.
One of its parents, the Sunset Sherbet, is related to the famous OG Kush, an indica that will accentuate the body and muscle relaxation effects, also associated with cannabidiol (CBD) in general.


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